Guardian Takes a Lead on Climate Change

Posted by on June 1, 2015 in News

Guardian Takes a Lead on Climate Change

From Alan Rusbridger of the Guardian:

On Friday, I stepped down as editor of the Guardian. Six months ago, when I announced my decision, I said I had only one regret – that we had not treated climate change with the gravity and impact it deserves. Keep it in the Ground has been our attempt to change that.

When I started 20 years ago, creating such a project would not have been possible. At the time, we were debating whether we should switch to using colour photography in the paper. Now with two-thirds of our readership outside the UK, virtually all our readers can be publishers themselves – while we publish continuously.

Of course, the Guardian is much bigger than any one editor. A rival kindly took me out to lunch soon after I started and reassured me: “If I take a day off, there are six assistant editors who have a completely different view of what my paper should be. If you take the day off, the building itself would produce the Guardian.”

In many ways, it is the readers that have produced this campaign. You have signed petitions, written heartfelt letters to the Wellcome Trust and filmed yourself for inspiring videos asking Bill Gates to take a lead on climate change.

However you have contributed, I wanted to write and thank you. Your voices have have brought far more insight, energy and diversity than we could have hoped to achieve on our own. They have been one of the trademarks of Keep it in the Ground.

There are now more than 216,000 of you, from 170 countries around the world. That’s quite a movement. The team would like to see your photos, videos and stories about how you continue to campaign against climate change. You can send them in here.

In six months time, leaders from around the world will meet in Paris to negotiate a new global deal on climate change. As we head towards that, we hope your voices will remain strong. In the coming weeks, the campaign team will be in touch about what Keep it in the Ground will look like as we head towards Paris.

But from me, thank you. It has been remarkable.



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