Our projects have a broad reach.  From off grid solar projects in the Philippines, to schools in Kenya and Zambia, remote villages in Mexico, to high end homes in the US.  They include a resorts in Fiji, Alaska and Panama to a hospital in the PNG highlands.  We design it all.  Below is just a small sample of our projects.
Here are very few examples of some of our projects. For more examples email us at

Tokolau Territory

The project for the Tokolau Territory was to design and assist in the relocation of power and solar equipment to prepare for a trans-pacific fibre cable which will be installed for the atolls. The project was originally conceived for written instructions and on-site management.  Due to Covid 19 we were unable to travel to Tokolau so we created documentation with very specific instructions for the the move and installation.  We proceeded to assist with the work via satellite link.

Panama – Island

This project was for a private island resort off Panama.  The design included solar and battery back up for the entire island resort.  It took several trips to ensure the installation was fully operational.  A week in an island paradise.  Oh. well someone has to do it.

Pacific Heights – San Francisco , California

This battery back system was designed for a beautiful home overlooking San Francisco Bay.  They wanted the batteries to be unobtrusive so we located them neatly behind a closet door in the garage.

Silicon Valley, California

This battery back up project was for two adjacent homes.  The owners wanted to ensure they always had enough power to run everything they wanted including a constant air temperature for their extensive art collection.  One of the homes had a battery back up system in the attic and the other house had the battery back up system in the basement.

Alaska, USA

This Heli-Ski lodge and resort is located in a remote area 50 kilometres from Anchorage.  We installed a battery system cycling with generator to ensure the visitors were always comfortable and the pipes were safe from freezing in the extreme winter conditions.

Guaycora, Mexico

The project in Guaycora was to design and commission a solar system in the Sonoran Desert to provide all the energy for a community of over 50 houses. We designed it and worked with Pecom to install and commission the system that now provides clean renewable energy for the entire village of Guaycora.


Community Center, Belize

Many of the villages in Belize are without power. We were asked to design and preassemble a single power unit that was easily transportable. The system consists of two SMA SunnyIsland SI5048U 40V battery inverters with 1100Ah battery set, two SMA SunnyBoy SB5000U grid tied inverters, each with 14 325Watt modules, a total of 6580Watts. It provides clean power for nineteen buildings in San Jose, Belize. These structures included the community centre, school and houses in this small town. This system is a prototype for potentially powering many of the small villages throughout the country. It was installed by Plenty Belize, with funding from the European Union. The YouTube video below shows the system.

Orphanage, Haiti

After the devastation of Haiti’s infrastructure their needs were great, not the least of which was energy. We designed an easily transportable system to provide the needed energy for an orphanage which had miraculously escaped damage in the earthquake.

Guaycora batteries

Virgin Islands

A private island in the United States Virgin Islands became clear that generators we no longer sustainable from both the financial and environmental perspective. They commissioned us to design a hybrid system utilizing the existing 100kW diesel generators, and integrating a 13kW wind turbine, solar arrays in several locations together with 7,440Ah 48V battery bank and 45kW three phase SunnyIsland Multicluster system. The system provides power to community buildings and facilities, and three houses. The intention is to expand the system to supply many more houses that will have their own systems with batteries and solar, and the ability to feed into the HOA Grid.

No image available

Turtle Island, Fiji

Turtle Island is home to one of the most beautiful resorts in the Fijian Archipelago. Their fuel costs had sky rocketed so they decided to replace costly toxic diesil with clean solar power. We worked in partnership as consultants to Clay Energy to design what has become one of the foremost clean energy projects in the South Pacific.

Turtle Island Solar Panels
Turtle Island Fiji Batteries and Inverters

Turtle Island Fiji Batteries and Inverters

High Sierras Home, California

This is a grid-only house in the California Sierra Nevada foothills. It is designed to lessen its impact on the planet and the owner’s wallet.

Home in the Sierras
House in High Sierras

House in High Sierras with solar installation complete

Napa Valley Estate, California

The project was to add battery backup to a home in the Napa Hills so they would have power despite earthquakes or grid outages. We added a Sunnyboy, two Sunny Island Inverters, industrial AGM batteries and a Midnite Solar Bird House for emergency system shutdown. A Trimetric meter with state of charge alarm, located in the pantry, is convenient to see the battery state of charge.


Kompiam Hospital, Papua New Guinea (PNG)

With a small team of amazing volunteers, we added three Sunny Island battery inverters, batteries, 10kW of solar panels and a Tripower grid tied inverter to this hospital in the Highlands of PNG. Previously they ran the generator six hours a day, but now they have power 24 hours a day so they’ll never run out in the middle of surgery again. The hospital, which does extraordinary work in a very remote part of the world is adding a new maternity wing to impact one of the highest Infant Mortality Rates in the world. It was a privilege to support the amazingly dedicated Australian doctor and his staff and the people of PNG they serve. Read more about the Papua New Guinea visit and installation.


Malibu Home, California

This was a big project lasting over a long period.  The location couldn’t be better – the hills near Malibu.  We designed and commissioned a 24kW Sunny Island battery backup system that is now providing backup to the property, utilising existing solar arrays. And it’s beautiful.


Battery room – nearly finished.

Kapawi, Amazon, Ecuador

You can hear the howler monkeys and chatty parrots now because the generators are silent.  The sun is providing the energy to keep the recently caught fish from the Pastaci River cold and ready for dinner.  Kapawi EcoLodge, one of the most remote on the planet now has sufficient power to run its fridges, lights and other necessary energy loads.

Sonoma Farm, California

This installation in Sonoma County, CA gives the growers the ability to grow their organic produce with needed energy fully supported by their solar array.


Inverters and equipment in farm shed


Solar array among the melons